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At Artbox we specialize in cinematic commercials. While some commercials focus on yelling louder than the next one, we have a different approach. Our goal is not to annoy or interrupt, but to tell a story so compelling that the audience is left with a desire to know more of the product or service behind the commercial. We like the subtle approach, but we also know when a direct call to action is needed in order to activate the audience.

Artbox has produced commercial films for a range of brands in different industries. We believe a thorough understanding of the brand is key communicate the message as efficient as possible.

We take pride in our flexibility and perfectionism. If you need a quick delivery we stay up all night. If you have a difficult task we will not quit before we have solved it. Satisfactory is not good enough for us – we want to impress.



At Artbox your film project is in good hands. We handle everything from planning to delivery and make sure to keep you up to date with production plans, scripts, raw cuts and more.
The first step is listening to your needs and creating a script based on your core message. We highly value the planning process of our productions to ensure a great result and a smooth experience for you, us and everyone else involved.

A well planned project with a good time frame ensures room for unforeseen complications on set. In-house we possess the most vital production equipment and only rent specialized project specific gear such as high speed cameras and cranes. We know every inch of our gear, which adds to the smooth experience.

After the editing process you will receive a raw cut for evaluation. Once you have confirmed this raw cut the project moves on to the sound design and grading process and the final touches are added. Finally the film is mastered for the media of your choice, for example Youtube, Vimeo or TV.

    • Concept development
    • Script
    • Location scouting
    • Casting
    • Logistics
    • Set design and construction


    • Director
    • Camera
    • Lighting
    • Sound
    • Grip


    • Editing
    • Graphics
    • Sound design
    • Color grading
    • Mastering

    Post Production


At Artbox film is our passion, and therefore we put our heart and soul into our productions. We consist of two partners and a team of freelancers. As a rather new company with young employees, we are full of fresh ideas, and we love to think out of the box.